The Star Wars Battlefront series has been a fan-favorite of the Star Wars fanbase ever since the very first installment, combining energetic third-person shooter action with all of the trappings of a galaxy far, far away. There's always been a sort of mystical air around the games, as they've often served as comprehensive Star Wars experiences that act as a sort of living encyclopedia for the entire franchise. There are few shooters that can mimic the experience that Star Wars Battlefront delivers, and it stands as one of the most important series for the identity of Star Wars as a whole.


Unfortunately, the Star Wars Battlefront games have not always received treatment befitting their legacy. Many fans are already familiar with how the original Battlefront series fell apart because of internal issues at LucasArts, and while EA's reboot was solid despite its own issues, recent rumors suggest that series won't get the closure some have been hoping for. According to information from an insider who has made accurate claims in the past, developer DICE pitched a Battlefront 3 to EA, but it was turned down due to the licensing costs. When it comes to EA's current relationship with the Star Wars franchise, this could be one of the company's biggest mistakes.

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EA's Rocky Relationship With The Star Wars Fanbase


In the time that EA has had exclusive rights to make major Star Wars games, it hasn't exactly done a great job at satisfying the vast majority of fans. In fact, the Battlefront reboot is one of the main reasons for this, specifically Battlefront 2. The predatory, microtransaction-based progression system that the game had at launch caused an uproar across the entire industry, and it took months for DICE to fix the issue.

Once the mechanic was fixed, many fans went back to Battlefront 2 and supported all of its free DLC releases, but much of the damage had already been done. Battlefront 3 would be an opportunity to do things right the first time, and show fans that the company can actually put together a modern Battlefront game that they can be proud of across the board. But if EA won't even give the game a chance, then any hope of the company fully redeeming itself will remain unrealized.

The Missed Opportunities Of A Star Wars Battlefront 3


One of the most redeeming qualities of Battlefront 2 was how much DLC support it got between all eras of Star Wars. The scope of this DLC is what brought the game out of its hole after launch, and when the support came to an end, there were still many fans that suggested ideas for expansions and even created mods for Battlefront 2. Taking what Battlefront 2 already had and expanding with these unrealized DLC ideas could grab the attention of plenty of fans that want an even bigger Star Wars Battlefront experience, and if monetization was done right, it would likely make up the licensing costs in due time.

Star Wars Battlefront fans have also struggled all of this time without ever having a trilogy of Battlefront games come to fruition. After the original series never got its third installment after internal issues at LucasArts, EA became the only hope for a Star Wars Battlefront trilogy. With how elusive a Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been, there could be a lot of longtime fans that go to the game just to say they've finally played a third Battlefront installment. But if these rumors are to be believed, it's just another case of wasted potential.

While it remains to be seen whether or not EA will support a Star Wars Battlefront sequel at a later date, this rumor certainly isn't an encouraging sign. After all of the time that EA has spent with the license, this wouldn't be the ideal way to end a contract that has already been the source of a lot of contention. Until there's more official news on the matter, Star Wars fans will just have to hope that EA eventually does right by the Battlefront series and completes the trilogy somewhere down the line.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 is reportedly not in development.

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